Frequently Asked Questions

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Centavestng provides you with an opportunity to invest and make decent returns from social impact oriented businesses in various key sectors of the economy.

Sponsor any package of your choice with these steps

  • Sign up and proceed to your dashboard.
  • Select the investment package you desire.
  • Select the running project and indicate the amount to invest
  • Choose from the payment options (You can choose any of the convenient payment options).
  • Your investment starts running immediately your payment is confirmed.
  • This is a customized and premium investment package that runs for a minimum of 12 months and above. Investment opportunities across key sectors such as Agriculture, Real Estate, Transportation and more are available. The returns are paid in trenches alongside the investment capital at the end of the cycle.

    This investment package runs for a short term; 6 months and 8 months. The returns may vary depending on the duration of the investment and market reality.

    No, we do not have referral bonuses at the moment.