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Duration: 12 months Location: Oyo State. Price: 100,000 ROI: 30% (Regular) 35% (for 10 units and above) Beef has been in high demand in the local and international market and it is the common and most easily accessible type of meat in Nigeria. This is why cattle farming is acceptable and highly profitable. In 2014, meat consumption in Nigeria was estimated to grow from 360,000 tonnes to 1,300,000 tonnes by 2050, and beef from cattle makes up a huge part of this estimate. Cattle are commonly bred as livestock for meat (beef or veal), for milk, and for hides (which are used to make leather). They are also used as riding and draft animals. Another by-product of cattle is dung, which can be used for manure or fuel. Our Cattle Value Chain is a 3 in 1 investment plan that covers Cattle Breeding, Trading, and Fattening. Our private cattle ranch in Oyo state has adequate veterinary doctors and farm specialists to monitor animal health and for management. ROI would be paid in tranches( 6 months interval)

Cattle Value Chain


Investment Information
Amount ₦100,000
Available Quantity 1485
Return 30%
Period 12 Months
Location Oyo State
Amount to Pay ₦100000
Expected Pay Back ₦130,000
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