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Price: N100,000

ROI: 18% -20%

Duration: 6 Months

Rice is a very popular staple food around the world. Asides from being a food crop, it is also a cash crop. Nigeria ranks as one of the largest producers of rice in West Africa. In 2018, rice production for Nigeria was 6.81 million tonnes. It increased from 325,000 tonnes in 1969 to 6.81 million tonnes in 2018. Despite this, the demand for rice in Nigeria exceeds the production capacity, making it the 3rd largest importer of rice in the world which is why we need to expand the production capacity. Our Rice Farm in Nasarawa sits on over 700 acres of land and we are working towards improving the continuous production and supply of rice in Nigeria.

Rice Farming


Investment Information
Amount ₦100,000
Available Quantity 904
Return 18%
Period 6 Months
Location Nasarawa State
Amount to Pay ₦100000
Expected Pay Back ₦118,000
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